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The Salem Witches' Institute

Welcome to the Salem Witches' Institute, the premiere American school of magic located within the World of Harry Potter. An original role play for creative minds.

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    Coven Commons and Dorms

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    Coven Commons and Dorms Empty Coven Commons and Dorms

    Post  Jessica Kishna on Fri May 13, 2011 2:12 pm

    Welcome to the Coven Ceridwen; The Coven of the Boar! This will be your new home away from home. Please take your time getting familiar with your surroundings. On behalf of the Salem Witches’ Institute, I hope you will enjoy your stay.

    The Ground Floor:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerGroundFloor-1

    Our main common area is a breathtaking and luxurious space for all students to gather. It is designed for relaxation and leisure activities. Coven colors of golds and yellows are prevalent throughout.

    The Ground Floor is the main point of access to the rest of the tower and dorms. Friends of coven-mates will be allowed entry solely to this main common area. All students who are not of Coven Ceridwen will not be allowed entry to the rest of the tower (unless escorted by the Coven Mistress).

    Second Floor Commons:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerSecondFloor-1

    Individual commons are located on the second floor, as well as private meeting rooms. Lofted commons for both boys and girls overlook the main commons. In order to prevent "accidental" falls, the entire outlying space has been charmed with magical netting.

    Third Floor Dorms--1st and 2nd Years; 5th Year Prefect's Rooms:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerThirdFloor-1

    The tower's dormitories begin on the third floor. 1st and 2nd Year students are housed on this floor. The stair leading up is charmed so all students 3rd year and above can pass.

    Each side houses thirteen students, with common halls linking them together. All of the doors—as well as the Prefect's rooms and the baths, are charmed. Members of the opposite sex will be unable to enter, or even look, inside. The only ones to whom this does not apply are members of staff and the Coven Leader.

    The central baths may look diminutive; however, they are far larger within their enclosures. Space is not a problem as there are plenty of facilities for everyone. Individual showers are available and shower cabinets have been assigned for each student for the duration of their stay on the third floor.

    The 5th Year Coven Prefects are each assigned a room, located at the entrance to the dorms. 7th Year prefects occupy the Prefect's Rooms on the 5th Floor.

    Fourth and Fifth Floor Dorms--3rd and 4th Years (Fourth Floor); 5th and 6th Years (Fifth Floor); 6th Year (Fourth Floor) and 7th Year (Fifth Floor) Prefect's Rooms:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerFourthFifthFloor-1

    The Fourth and Fifth Floors are nearly identical. These floors are less organized and are allowed to be decorated more to suit individual students’ tastes. The same number of beds are found here as on the Third Floor, but there is slightly more space. This extra room can be used for 1st and 2nd Year overflow.

    The stair leading up is charmed so students that are not upperclassmen cannot advance to the higher floors.

    The higher students advance up the tower, the more separate and removed from the activity of the Commons Floors they are. The upper floors have a more relaxed atmosphere to soothe students preparing for O.W.L.s.

    Students who reach the Fifth Floor, (and 5th Year), will be allowed "room service" delivered by the kitchen elves.

    Sixth Floor Dorms--7st Years:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerSixthFloor-1

    The graduating class of the Institute commands the Sixth Floor. Seventh years are preparing for life beyond the Institute and are allowed luxuries that their coven mates are not.

    Access to the Sixth Floor dorm, and to the attic above, is severely controlled; the door is enchanted and will only allow access to allowed coven members. Visitors are allowed, but must be permitted by the Coven Head before access will be approved.

    Accommodations on the Sixth Floor are designed to have a smaller number of people per room; they do not share bathrooms with other coven members; prefect rooms are not found on this floor—though all prefects are allowed access to this floor.

    7th Years enjoy the luxury of their own private commons area, and while 7th Years are often seen in the main Coven Commons, during tests--and especially when they are taking their N.E.W.T.s, the 7th Years make good use of the quiet and privacy of the Sixth Floor, venturing out only to eat, take class, and participate in extracurricular activity.

    The Sixth Floor has one other coveted item that the rest of the tower does not. Located here is the only direct access to the Attic; a popular area with the Institutes' graduating class…

    Seventh Floor--Attic:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerSeventhFloor-1

    The Attic is a special place within the tower reserved for those students who show extreme dedication toward their school. Seventh years have automatically earned that place and are the only ones allowed unrestricted access to the Attic.

    Students from third year onward may request use of the Attic space. Along with their request, they must provide the time they will need a room and how long it will be needed. Requests must be approved by the Coven Head and will depend on past performance at the Institute.

    Approvals for anyone who is not 7th Year will mean that those students need to apparate to the Attic, and they will be unable to access the 6th Floor from the Attic (enchantments are in place).

    Other than the baths and the central commons, the rooms are left "unseen". That is because the rooms can be configured for any accommodations, including those of a personal nature. It has happened in the past, that certain seventh years have been granted “couples status" and were allowed to live as such in the Attic. However, this only happens on very rare occasions, and with the permission of a great many people.

    Tower Attic’s are used for a great many things, and the Institute recognizes that as long at students act in a responsible fashion, it will not be necessary to monitor activities there.

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