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    Common Dueling Spells and Charms

    Ramona Chai

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    Common Dueling Spells and Charms

    Post  Ramona Chai on Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:36 am

    Exemplified below are some of the spells and charms used in dueling, segmented by the common year usage.

    1st Year

    Conjure Sparks CharmAttack"relashio"Releases a jet of fiery sparks that causes a person/thing to release whatever he/she/it is holding. Greatly impeded concentration of the victim. Can also be used as a signaling device.Instant None
    Lace Looping CharmAttack"lacesso trinus" Causes the laces on someone's shoe to tie together making them trip. The only way to undo his spell is to manually untie the laces again.InstantNone
    Leg Locker CurseAttack"locomotor mortis" Locks the legs of the victim together. If the victim tries to move, they will fall over.2 minutesFinite

    2nd Year

    Silencing Charm Attack "silencio" Causes something or someone to be silent, unable to talk. An older victim can still use nonverbal spells. 30 minutes Finite
    Tongue Lock Hex Attack "langlock"Causes a person's tongue to stick to his or her mouth's roof. The vicitim can talk somewhat but words are garbled. Spell casting by incantation by the victim becomes impossible. 15 minutes Finite

    3rd Year

    Confusion CharmAttack "turbo confundo”Makes a person confused. Greatly impairs concentration.1 minuteN/A
    Eye/Conjunctivitis CurseAttack "conjunctio"A curse that affects the eyes of the target (causes conjunctivitis, a.k.a pink eye). The victim will be able to see but have a hard time, and the eyes will be watery and itchy. Their concentration will be broken.1 hourFinite
    Hair Growth JinxAttack "crinitus"Lengthens hair on the head at an alarming rate. Unless stopped, the hair on the head will continue to grow without stop until the spell expires.30 minutes Finite
    Hair-Thickening CharmAttack "creber saeta"A spell which thickens a person's hair. If used to excess, the victim becomes unable to hold their head up because their head becomes heavy.30 minutes Finite
    Tickling CharmAttack "rictusempra"Causes a person to laugh uncontrollably. Victim loses concentration and has a difficult time casting spells. The victim CAN cast nonverbal spells.2 minutesFinite
    Stop Magic CharmDefensive "finite incantatum" or "finite"Stops an operating spell.InstantN/A

    4th Year

    Disarming SpellAttack"expelliarmus"Disarm an opponent of their wand; if powerful enough, can knock a person off their feet.InstantN/A
    Dancing CurseAttack"tarantalegra"A curse that will make one's legs jerk around like dancing. The victim may not be able to stand, and if they can keep their balance, their concentration will be greatly lessoned.2 HoursFinite
    Full Body-Bind CurseAttack"petrificus totalus"Renders the victim temporarily unable to move. They can only move their eyes to blink and can swallow, but are frozen in position. If standing, they will fall over.30 MinutesFinite
    Hives HexAttack"offa"Causes the victim's face to erupt in hives. Hives are raised lumps on the skin, usually caused by an allergic reaction. They will also get very itchy and cause the victim to lose concentration.1 Hour Finite
    Jelly-Legs JinxAttack"woblious crur" or "woblious"Causes the victims legs to wobble, making them feel unstable and generally breaking concentration of inexperienced characters.15 MinutesFinite
    Reductor CurseAttack"reducto"Blasts/moves solid objects out of the way. Good for moving things aside but will not affect living things (people, creatures, plants).InstantN/A
    Small Attack CharmAttack"oppugno"Causes something to attack a target chosen by the spell caster. Works on small creatures and objects. Caster will need to define what the attacking 'items' are.10 MinutesN/A
    Twitchy Ears CurseAttack"velico auris"Makes the ears of a victim twitch uncontrollably. Breaks the victim's concentration.5 MinutesFinite
    Impeding SpellDefensive"impedimenta"Stops or slows a living thing. The victim will find their movements going in slow motion or stopped all together as if they were trying to move through heavy glue.2 MinutesN/A
    Shield CharmDefensive"protego"Creates a magical shield to deflect minor to moderate spells and jinxes cast by others. This will not protect against powerful spells cast by adults. The spells of an attacker may only be lessoned in strength. Be warned: the protego will collapse when the caster does another spell. It must be renewed each time.20 MinutesN/A
    Conjure Snake CharmEffect"serpensortia"Causes a snake to appear out of castor's wand tip. The type of snake will be at the caster's choice.InstantN/A
    Disillusionament CharmEffect"excaeco"A transfiguration spell that does not cause invisibilty, but makes an object or person very difficult to see. They 'blend into' the background.30 MinutesFinite

    5th Year

    Boil CurseAttack"furnunculus"A curse that causes boils to break out all over a body. The boils are sores that are somewhat painful and disfiguring until the spell is stopped.12 HoursN/A
    Incarcerate SpellAttack"incarcerous"Spell that causes ropes to bind a person in place.30 MinutesFinite
    Stunning SpellAttack"stupefy"Stuns the victim into unconsciousness. Victim will remain unconscious and unable to awaken until the counterspell is used. Used multiple times on the same victim, serious brain damage can occur.InstantAwake/Alert Spell
    Upside-Down HexAttack"levicorpus"Causes the victim to dangle upside down in midair. The victim is helpless unless they can get to their wand. Height above the ground is about 6 ft.InstantRight Side Up Charm
    Awaken/Alert SpellDefensive"ennervate"Spell that revives somebody who has been stupified.2 MinutesN/A

    6th Year

    Babbling CurseAttack"garrio"Causes a person to babble nonsense. The victim will understand their own words, but no one else will. Verbal incantations will not work for the victim for the duration of this spell.2 MinutesFinite
    Horn Tongue HexAttack"lingua cornu"Turns the tongue to a hard, curled horn, making it impossible to speak and making it hard to swallow.5 MinutesFinite
    Knee-Reversal JinxAttack"ostendo sum genua"Reverses the way the knee bends. This is not painful to the victim, only inconvenient as it will cause them to stumble and fall.30 MinutesFinite
    Trip JinxAttack"occasus"Causes a a victim to trip. Depending on the power of the spell, the victim may fall all the way down.InstantN/A

    7th Year

    Blurring HexAttack"obscuro"Obscures the victims vision. Their vision will appear very blurry and though they can see light and vague shapes, they would be considered legally blind.1 MinuteFinite
    Explosion SpellAttack"expulso"Creates an explosion but no flames. If cast by an experienced, strong caster, the concussion can knock someone off their feet, or knock objects away.InstantN/A
    Imperturbable CharmDefensive"obex murus"Creates a barrier which sounds, objects and people cannot cross. In effect, the caster will now be isolated; the barrier appears as a fuzzy translucent shield. Others can see through it but the view is a little blurry. The caster is unable to cast any further spells while it is up. Can be cast around another person to create a “privacy” area for conversation.1 HourFinite

    Adult Spells

    Blinding Fire CurseAttack“incendia caecus”The fireworks are a flashing, fiery, momentary burst of glowing, colored aerial lights. This effect causes creatures within 120 feet of the fire source to become blinded for 5 minutes. These creatures must have line of sight to the fire to be affected. Spell resistance can prevent blindness.InstantN/A
    Magic Missile HexAttack"veneficus absentis"A missile of magical energy darts forth from your wand and strikes its target, dealing a blow that sets the target back several steps, giving them a mild electric-type shock.InstantN/A
    Fire ShieldDefensive"incendia contego"Cast much like the protego, it gives the caster ability to resist ordinary fire without being hurt or their clothes or belongings on their person being damaged. The caster can move and retain the spell (walk through fire).20 MinutesN/A
    Grease CharmEffect“lubricus”A grease spell covers a solid surface with a layer of slippery grease. Any person/creature on this area will fall if they move. A person/creature can walk at half-speed through the greased area. Can be caster by a witch/wizard only once in a 24 hour period. The spell can also be used to create a greasy coating on an item, making it impossible to pick up. (it goes without saying that this spell is NOT to be used in a sexual manner!)2 HoursN/A

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