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    Rules for Charms Casting

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    Rules for Charms Casting Empty Rules for Charms Casting

    Post  Wednesday Douglas on Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:59 pm

    This is all going to be very simple. Really.

    First, in order to "get" your charm--aka, know it and used is regularly--you need to get a certain number of successes with the charm over a certain number of attempts. The next chart says it all:

    1st Year Spell/Charm/Hex: Out of 5 attempts, you have 3 successes
    2nd Year Spell/Charm/Hex: Out of 5 attempts, you have 3 successes
    3rd Year Spell/Charm/Hex: Out of 6 attempts, you have 4 successes
    4th Year Spell/Charm/Hex: Out of 6 attempts, you have 5 successes
    5th Year Spell/Charm/Hex: Out of 8 attempts, you have 6 successes
    6th Year Spell/Charm/Hex: Out of 9 attempts, you have 7 successes
    7th Year Spell/Charm/Hex: Out of 10 attempts, you have 8 successes

    Base success for any charm attempted that is at your year level is 50+. So for 1st Year students doing 1st Year charms, base is 50+. For every Charm Year above the student's School Year there is a +5 modifier added to the base--so 1st Year students doing 2nd Year charms have a base of 55+; doing 3rd Year charms a base of 60+, and so on. Adult and Healing charms had an additional +10 added to the base, which is why these are usually attempted by 6th and 7th Year students.

    For every Charm Year below the student's School Year there is a -5 modifier added to the base--so 3rd Year students doing 1st Year charms have a base of 40+; a 5th Year doing 2ed Year charms a base of 35+, and so on.

    It is very possible that you won't "get" the charm right off the bat. It is very possible it will take several attempts to get it right. One can "reset" their attempts and try again; it's usually assumed that 20 to 30 minutes pass from the end of one set of attempts to the start of another, allowing the wizard/witch to relax and get their wits about them again.

    It is also possible to "push your attempts" trying to get a charm down, particularly if they feel they are close to total success (like one success away from getting it). For each "push" beyond the total number of tries, +5 is added to the base. Note that the base can not ever exceed 100; after that, one should take an hour of rest before trying again.

    One should really not try to attempt the same charm more than three times in a day due to the amount of stress one will experience trying to learn it. For every set of attempts tried after three, +5 is added to the base of each try. And this modify is accumulative--so for 1st Years trying a 1st Year charm, if they are on their fifth attempt trying to learn it, their base is 60+ for all tries.

    Any time a wizard/witch has a success of 90 to 99 that success "carries over" if additional attempts are required. Getting a 100 results in 2 success being carried over. Note that any time modifier dice are used and the result is a roll of 100+, that will only count as 1 success that is carried over--a 100 must be rolled straight up on the D100. However, anytime a 100 and the maximum that can be rolled on a modifier dice is rolled (a 10 on a D10, for example), that will count as 3 successes that can be carried over.

    Any time a wizard/witch achieves 4 90+s, or 2 90+s and a roll of 100 in one or more attempt sessions, they "get" the charm, even if the charm year level in question requires them to achieve more successes.

    Any time a understood charm is worked in a different fashion, the wizard witch will attempt that charm as if they are learning is anew. Trying a modified version of a charm, or doing it non-verbally, or without a wand, all constitute doing a known charm in a different fashion. When this happens the base attempt for the charm reverts to 50+, along with any modifiers added by the new difficulty:

    Modified version of charm (doing Accio without specifying the object, for example) +5 to Base
    Non-verbal +10 to Base
    Wandless +25 to Base

    Note that if you are attempting these with lower year charms the base can never drop below 50+, but when attempting with high year charms the modifier to the base is in effect.

    Once a charm is relearned in the new fashion, the modifier used to learn that version is not used again if the wizard/witch tries to relearn the charm in another fashion. For example, if a 3rd Year witch is learning Accio, a 4th Year charm, to learn it "modified" results in a base of 50 + 5 (for year) + 5 (for type modifier) = 60. Once they learn Accio this way, if they later want to learn it in a non-verbal form, the base is 50 + 5 (for year) + 10 (for non-verbal modifier) = 65; they don't need to re-add the original modifier again. This is why when re-learning variations of charms it's best to "get" one type before moving on to another.

    Okay, that's it! Lets work!

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