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The Salem Witches' Institute

Welcome to the Salem Witches' Institute, the premiere American school of magic located within the World of Harry Potter. An original role play for creative minds.

SWI is officially open. Registration is ongoing for all incoming 1st Years.
Current Role Play Date: 14 October, 2011. Day: Friday. Time: 9:00 AM. Weather: Mid 50's with a slight breeze from the east.
Orientation is set up in the Atrium. Please visit to participate.

    Approved List of Spells: Sorted by Year

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    Approved List of Spells: Sorted by Year Empty Approved List of Spells: Sorted by Year

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    SWI is a school for learning magic. This institution's goal is to have each witch and wizard graduating from its halls to have an excellent and firm grasp on their magical skills, enabling them to contribute as a citizen of the wizarding world.

    Magic Outside of SWI

    In keeping with Ministry rules and regulations, all students are reminded that no magic may be performed OUTSIDE of SWI boundaries.

    Below are the lists of spells allowed performed at SWI, sorted by year.

    1st Year

    Attack"Everte Statum"Dueling spell used to send an opponent flying backward.InstantNone
    "Lacesso Trinus" Causes the laces on someone's shoe to tie together making them trip. The only way to undo his spell is to manually untie the laces again.InstantNone
    "Locomotor Mortis"Locks the legs together, preventing the victim from moving the legs in any fashion. The target can hop when affected by this curse, but walking is impossible.2 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Petrificus Totalus"Used to temporarily bind the victim's body in a position much like that of a soldier at attention; this spell does not restrict breathing or seeing, and the victim will usually fall to the ground.5 MinutesFinite Incantatem
    "Relashio"A charm used to force someone or something to release that which it holds or grapples by means of shooting fiery sparks out or, underwater, shooting hot bursts of water. Can also be used as a signaling device.Immediate None
    "Tarantallegra"Makes victim's legs dance uncontrollably, so the victim cannot control his or her movements.5 minutesFinite Incantatem
    Effect"Colloportus”Magically locks a door, preventing it from being opened by Muggle means.2 hoursAlohamora
    "Flagrante"With this spell, the caster's wand can leave fiery marks.30 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Gravitas Penna"Causes objects to become light as a feather.ConstantFinite Incantatem
    "Locomotor"The spell is always used with the name of a target, at which the wand is pointed (e.g. "Locomotor Trunk!"). The spell causes the named object to rise in the air and move around at the will of the caster.ConstantFinite
    "Lumos"Creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wand's tip, like a flashlight.ContinuousNox
    "Multicorfors"Multicorfors is a charm used to change the colour of one's clothing.1 DayNone
    "Nox"Counter to Lumos.InstantLumos
    "Reparo"Fixes broken objects (Use the Latin term for any object to be repaired).PermanentNone
    "Transfiguro"Transfiguration spell, which varies with age and ability. Only very basic transfigurations are possible at 1st year.30 MinutesFinite Incantatem
    "Wingardium Leviosa"Levitates objects.See DescriptionNone
    OtherUnbreakable Vow (Non-verbal)Causes a vow taken by a witch or wizard to be inviolable; if he or she should break it, the consequence is death. It manifests itself as interlinking chains of fire binding the clasped hands of the people taking the Vow; the fire shoots out as a tongue of flame from the wand of the Binder (a witness to the Vow) every time the person who takes the vow makes a promise. The flames then form into the linking chains.PermanentNone

    2nd Year

    Attack"Furnunculus"Causes the target to become covered in boils.1 hourNone
    "Garrio" The Babbling Curse causes a person to babble whenever they try to speak.20 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Incarcerous"Ties someone or something up with ropes.1 hourFinite Incantatem
    "Incendio"Flames burst from the tip of the caster’s wand.ImmediateAguamenti
    "Langlock"Glues the victim's tongue to the roof of his/her mouth.15 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Slugulus Eructo"Causes the victim to vomits slugs. The sizes of the vomited slugs decrease with time.10 minutesNone
    "Stupefy"Puts the victim in an unconscious state. Manifests as a jet of red light.ImmediateRennervate
    Effect"Aguamenti”Counter to Incendio.ImmediateNone
    "Alohamora"Used to open and/or unlock doors, but doors can be bewitched so that this spell has no effect.PermanentColloportus
    "Engorgio"Causes objects to swell in size.15 minutesReducio
    "Flamma Congelo"Causes fire to become harmless to those caught in it, creating only a gentle, tickling sensation instead of burns.Immediate None
    "Orchideous"Makes a bouquet of flowers, of the caster’s choosing, appear from the tip of the wand.ImmediateNone
    "Reducio"Counter to Engorgio.ImmediateNone
    "Rennervate"Counter to Stupefy.ImmediateNone
    "Rictusempra"The subject experiences the sensation of being tickled.ImmediateNone
    "Scourgify"Used to clean something.15 minutesNone

    3rd Year

    Attack"Calvorio"Causes one to lose one's hair.ImmediateSaeta Tractus
    "Confundo"Causes the victim to become confused, befuddled, overly forgetful and prone to follow simple orders without thinking about them.15 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Letifico"Causes the victim to become happy and contented, though heavy-handedness with the spell may cause the person to break into an uncontrollable laughing fit.15 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Morsus"Produces a stinging sensation in the victim, resulting in angry red welts and occasionally the severe inflammation of the affected area.ImmediateNone
    "Riddikulus"A spell used when fighting a Boggart, "Riddikulus" forces the Boggart to take the appearance of an object upon which the caster is concentrating. When used correctly, this will be a humorous form.ImmediateNone
    "Saeta Tractus"Causes the victim’s hair to grow at a rapid pace and will continue unimpeded until the time has elapsed or the counterspell has been used.25 minutesFinite Incantatem
    Attack/Defensive"Finite Incantatem"Negates many spells or the effects of many spells within an area.ImmediateNone
    "Finite"Negates many spells or the effects of many spells on a single object or item.ImmediateNone
    Effect"Diffindo”Cuts or rips objects.ImmediateNone
    "Fervens Aer"Causes wand to emit hot air.ImmediateNone
    "Glacius"Caster conjures freezing cold air from the tip of the wand. (Used primarily to extinguish the Fire Seed Bush.)ImmediateNone
    "Impervius"This spell makes something repel (literally, become impervious to) substances and outside forces, including water.Immediate None
    "Oblivio"Removes things not wished to be seen again.PermanentNone
    "Quietus"Counter to Sonorus.ImmediateNone
    "Sonorus"Magnifies the spell caster’s voice, functioning as a magical megaphone.ImmediateQuietus

    4th Year

    Attack"Expelliarmus"This spell is used to disarm another wizard, typically by causing the victim's wand to fly out of reach.ImmediateNone
    "Levicorpus"The victim is dangled upside-down by one of his/her ankles, sometimes accompanied by a flash of white light.15 minutesLiberacorpus
    "Prohibeo Pedes"A jinx that renders its victim's legs temporarily useless, leaving him/her to wobble around helplessly until the effect wears off or the counter-jinx is performed.20 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Rabidus"Affects the target's mental processes.20 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Reducto"Enables the caster to explode solid objects.ImmediateNone
    Attack/Defensive"Protego"The Shield Charm causes minor to strong jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker, or at least prevents them from having their full effect. It can also cause a shield to erupt from the caster's wand.ImmediateNone
    Effect"Accio”This charm summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance.ImmediateDepulso
    "Depulso"Banishes the object the spell is performed on.ImmediateAccio
    "Ebullio Caput Capitis"Puts a large bubble of air around the head of the user. Used as a magical equivalent of a scuba set.1 hourNone
    "Liberacorpus"Counter to LevicorpusImmediateNone
    "Point Me"Causes the caster's wand tip to point to the north cardinal point, acting like a compass.1 hourNone
    "Taboo"A jinx which may be placed upon a word or a name, so that whenever that word is spoken, a magical disturbance is created that alerts the caster of the Taboo to the location of the speaker. Any protective enchantments in effect around the speaker are broken when the Tabooed word is spoken aloud.30 minutesNone
    "Verto"Causes two objects to be switched for one another.PermanentNone

    5th Year

    Attack"Bat Bogey"Grotesquely enlarges the target's bogeys, gives them wings, and sets them attacking the target.20 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Confundo"Causes the victim to become confused, befuddled, overly forgetful and prone to follow simple orders without thinking about them.2 hoursFinite Incantatem
    "Densaugeo"Causes the teeth of the recipient to grow at an alarming rate.15 minutesFinite Incantatem
    "Evanui"Causes the target to become invisible, or close to it.2 hoursFinite Incantatem
    "Legilimens"Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, allowing the caster to see the memories, thoughts, and emotions of the victim.ImmediateNone
    "Obliviate"Used to hide a memory of a particular event.PermanentNone
    "Oculus Contagio"A curse that causes great pain to the victim's eyes.2 minutesNone
    Effect"Deletrius”Removes evidence of previous spells cast by the wand, revealed by Prior Incantato.ImmediateExpulsum
    "Erecto"Used to erect something.ImmediateFinite Incantatem
    "Haud Effrego"Causes an object to become unbreakable.PermanentNone
    "Occulto Tractus"Causes a container's capacity to be increased, without changing the object's external appearance.PermanentFinite Incantatem
    "Pack"Packs a trunk, or any luggage.ImmediateNone
    "Portus"Turns an object into a portkey. The object glows an odd blue color to show it has been transformed into a portkey, then goes solid again.1 dayFinite Incantatem
    "Prior Incantato"Causes the echo (a shadow or image) of the last spell cast by a wand to emanate from it.ImmediateNone

    6th Year

    Attack"Oppugno"Causes conjured objects to attack.20 minutesFinite Incantatem
    Attack/Defensive"Expecto Patronum"Conjures an incarnation of the caster's innermost positive feelings, such as joy, hope, or the desire to survive, known as a Patronus. A Patronus is conjured as a protector, and is a weapon rather than a predator of souls: Patronuses shield their conjurors from Dementors or Lethifolds, and can even drive them away.10 minutesNone
    Effect"Muffliato”Keeps nearby people, or those to whom the wand is directed, from hearing nearby conversations.3 hoursFinite Incantatem
    "Repleo"Refills whatever at which the caster points with the drink originally in the container.ImmediateNone
    "Specialis Revelio"Causes an object to show its hidden secrets or magical properties.ImmediateNone
    "Tergeo"Siphons material from a surface, (e.g., blood, ink, dust, etc.)ImmediateNone

    7th Year

    Attack"Confringo"Causes anything that the spell meets to explode in flames.ImmediateNone
    "Expulso"A spell that causes an object to explode. The force of the explosion may depend on the intent of the caster.ImmediateNone
    Attack/Defensive"Deprimo"A very powerful wind that can loosen and/or soften a variety of things; it can also be used to detach objects.ImmediateNone
    "Obscuro"Causes a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyes, obstructing their view of their surroundings. Also works on paintings.10 minutesFinite Incantatem
    Effect"Ascendio”Lifts things or people high into the air.ImmediateDescendo
    "Cave Inimicum"Spell used to strengthen an enclosure from enemies.1 dayNone
    "Descendo"To make things or people sink, or go down.ImmediateAscendio
    "Defodio"Can carve or dig out materials, such as stone and steel.ImmediateNone
    "Meus Specialis"Fidelius Charm. A charm involving secret information hidden within the soul of a Secret-Keeper. This information is irretrievable until the Secret-Keeper chooses to reveal it; those who have the secret revealed to them cannot reveal it to others.PermanentNone
    "Vis Ut Crocus"Caterwauling Charm. Anyone entering the perimeter of a Caterwauling Charm sets off a high-pitched shriek.1 dayNone

    Adult Spells

    Attack"Lingua Ligo"Tongue-Tying Curse. A curse that prevents certain information from being revealed by the individual upon whom the spell is placed. The curse manifests itself by causing the tongue to temporarily curl backwards upon itself.
    "Piertotum Locomotor"Spell used to animate statues and suits of armor to do the caster's bidding.
    "Serpensortia"Conjures a serpent from the spell caster’s wand.
    "Waddiwasi"Launches small objects through the air.
    Defensive"Protego Horribilis"Provides some form of protection against Dark Magic.
    "Protego Totalum"Provides protection of some form for an area or dwelling.
    "Salvio Hexia"Provides some form of protection against hexes.
    Effect"Committo”Intruder Charm. Detects intruders and sounds an alarm.
    "Homenum Revelio"Reveals humans near the caster.
    "Mobilicorpus"Lifts a body a few inches off the ground and levitates it where the caster points his or her wand
    "Operor Non Permoveo"Permanent Sticking Charm. Makes objects permanently stay in place.
    "Protean"Protean Charm. Causes copies of an object to be remotely affected by changes made to the original.
    "Muggletum"Keeps Muggles away from wizarding places by causing them to remember important meetings they missed and to cause the Muggles in question to forget what they were doing in the first place.
    "Sterilis Viscus"Anti-Disapparition Jinx. Used to prevent Disapparition and/or Apparition in an area for a period. Presumably can be used to prevent an enemy from entering a defended area, or used to trap an enemy in an area.

    Healer Spells

    "Alcedonia"Calming Cure. Used to calm the patient after a traumatic event. Less effective than a calming draught.
    "Anapneo"Used to clear the throat of a choking victim.
    "Corpus Relaxat"Used to cure extreme muscle aches and fatigue. Spell emits a radiant purple light and must be forced into the recipient, causing every muscle to be strained to its limit, before causing the patient to sleep for 5 minutes. Patient awakens feeling refreshed.
    "Episkey"All purpose spell used to heal relatively minor injuries, including broken bones and shock. When this spell is cast, the person feels his/her injured body part go very hot and then very cold.
    "Vital Subcribo"The caster passes his or her wand over the body to take the vital signs of a patient.
    "Vulnera Sanentur"Causes wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim.

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