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    List of Dark Arts Magic

    Helena Lovecraft

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    List of Dark Arts Magic

    Post  Helena Lovecraft on Sun May 01, 2011 7:18 pm

    The follow are spells, potions and charms one will encounters that are considered Dark Arts.

    Dark Art Spells

    Killing CurseUnforgivable"avada kedavra"Kills another person instantly. Cannot be blocked with any spell; however, the spell jet can be blocked with another spell jet or dodged, a person can survive almost unscathed with sacrificial protection, and Horcruxes will allow the victim to survive as a kind of disembodied spirit.InstantN/A
    Cruciatus CurseUnforgivable"crucio"Causes excruciating pain. Prolonged use of the curse can cause permanent mental injury.InstantBlocked on occasion by means unknown
    Imperius CurseUnforgivable"imperio"Places a victim under the total control of the caster. IndefiniteN/A, But can be resisted with willpower
    Cursed Fire (Fiendfyre)AttackNon-verbalUnleashes a form of cursed fire that can take the form of fabulous beasts that seem to have minds of their own.For as long as needed under controlN/A
    Cutting CurseAttack"sectumsempra"Creates deep cuts on a person. Immediate medical treatment is necessary.InstantN/A
    Petrification CurseEffectNon-verbalTurns a victim into a stone-like state of unconsciousness.InstantFinite
    Horcrux CurseOtherNon-verbalDetaches a torn soul fragment from the caster's body and encases it in an object or living thing to create a Horcrux.InstantN/A
    Animate InferiusOther"inferius"Used to reanimate a corpse that does the caster's bidding.FiniteConjure Fire Charm, Bluebell Flames, Fiendfyre
    Conjure Dark MarkOther"morsmordre"Conjures the Dark Mark in the sky, after a killing by Death Eaters. The Dark Mark itself takes the form of a skull with a snake coming from its mouth.InstantN/A
    Dolohov's CurseAttackNon-verbal; verbal form unknownCauses unspecified, severe internal injury that is potentially fatal if the incantation is said aloud.InstantN/A

    Dark Art Potions

    Rudimentary Body CreationUsed to or used in combination with other magic to create a rudimentary body that can be inhabited by a non-corporeal wizard.
    Drink of DespairCauses the drinker to see "terrible things", dehydrate, and experience excruciating burning in one's insides. Because of the "terrible things" experienced, it has an effect similar to the presence of a Dementor.

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