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The Salem Witches' Institute

Welcome to the Salem Witches' Institute, the premiere American school of magic located within the World of Harry Potter. An original role play for creative minds.

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    Coven Commons and Dorms

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    Coven Commons and Dorms Empty Coven Commons and Dorms

    Post  Madeline Palmescoff on Thu May 05, 2011 3:45 pm

    Welcome to your home away from home for the next 7 year! Enjoy the wonder that is Bloeddewedd Coven Tower.

    The Ground Floor:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerGroundFloor-1

    As you can see, our main commons is a warm and inviting area for all to use, a place of relaxation and contemplation. As with the other towers this is the point of access to the rest of the tower and dorms, but unlike the other covens we do allow friends of our covenmates entry to out little world within the Institute. It is ordered, however, that anyone who is not of Coven Bloeddewedd are not allowed entry to the rest of the tower (unless escorted by the Coven Mistress).

    Second Floor Commons:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerSecondFloor-1

    Here can be found individual commons as well as meeting rooms for those who want a bit of privacy away from prying ears. The boys' and girls' loft commons overlook the main commons, and to prevent anything from "accidentally" falling to the floor below, the outlying space has been charmed with magical netting.

    Third Floor Dorms--1st and 2nd Years; 5th Year Prefect's Rooms:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerThirdFloor-1

    The third floor begins the tower's dormitories, and it is here that the 1st and 2nd Year students are housed. Three rooms on each side house 13 students total, with communal halls linking them together, along with access to the upper levels. Rather than spell-lock the halls, the doors to each room--as well as the Prefect's rooms and the baths--are charmed so members from "the other side" are unable to enter and looking inside. The only ones to whom this does not apply are members of staff and the Coven Leader.

    While the bathes may look small, they are far larger within their enclosures. There are plenty of facilities for everyone, so the morning and evening rushes are never a problem. Unlike some institutes of learning, showers are individual and not communal, and each student will have their own assigned shower cabinet for the two years they are on the third floor.

    The 5th Year Coven Prefects each have a room located at the entrance to the dorms. As with everyone else, as the prefects advance academically they move up floors, so by their 6th Year they will move to the Prefect's Rooms on the 4th Floor, and by their 7th Year they will occupy the Prefect's Rooms on the 5th Floor.

    Fourth and Fifth Floor Dorms--3rd and 4th Years (Fourth Floor); 5th and 6th Years (Fifth Floor); 6th Year (Fourth Floor) and 7th Year (Fifth Floor) Prefect's Rooms:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerFourthFifthFloor-1

    The Fourth and Fifth Floors are nearly identical except in personal decorations. The same number of beds are found here as on the Third Floor, but there is slightly more space, which, in a pinch, can be used for 1st and 2nd Year overflow.

    The higher up in the tower one goes the more the feeling there is of "being alone" and removed from the bustle of the Commons Floors. Once one "makes it" to the Fifth Floor (and 5th Year), one is allow to have "room service" delivered by the kitchen elves, and it's not unusual to find a more relaxed atmosphere here as one prepares for their O.W.L.s.

    Sixth Floor Dorms--7st Years:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerSixthFloor-1

    The Sixth Floor is the domain of the graduating class of the Institute, and as such, they are permitted a few luxuries that are not shared with their covenmates.

    For one, access to the 7th Years' dorm (and to the attic) is restricted; the door is enchanted and will only allow access to allowed coven members. Visitors are permitted, but must be approved by the Coven Head before access is granted.

    The 7th Years have a smaller number of people per room; they do not share their bathrooms with other coven members; there are no prefect rooms on this floor (though all prefects are allowed access to this floor).

    Most importantly, the 7th Years have their own commons area, and while 7th Years are often seen in the Coven Commons, during tests--and especially when they are taking their N.E.W.T.s--the 7th Years rarely leave the 6th Floor except to eat, take class, and participate in extracurricular activity.

    Even more importantly, the 6th Floor has the only direct access to the Attic, and this area is commonly put to good use by the Institutes' graduating class--

    Seventh Floor--Attic:
    Coven Commons and Dorms CovenTowerSeventhFloor-1

    The Attic is a "catch all" location for the Coven, where special "meetings" can be held far away from everyone. There are a few caveats, however.

    One, the 7th Years are the only ones with unrestricted access to the Attic. Two, only 3rd Years and up may request use of the Attic, giving the time they will need a room and how long it will be needed, and it must be approved by the Coven Head. Third, anyone who is not 7th Year will need to apparate to the Attic, and they will be unable to access the 6th Floor from the Attic (enchantments are in place).

    As one can see, other than the baths and the central commons the rooms are left "unseen". That is because the rooms can be configured for any accommodations, including those of a personal nature. And, yes: from time to time permission has been given to allow 7th Year "couples" to live in the Attic, but this only happens on rare occasions, and with the permission of a great many people.

    Needless to say the Attic is used for a great many things, and the Institute recognizes that as long at students act in a responsible fashion, it will not be necessary for the Institute to monitor activities there.

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