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The Salem Witches' Institute

Welcome to the Salem Witches' Institute, the premiere American school of magic located within the World of Harry Potter. An original role play for creative minds.

SWI is officially open. Registration is ongoing for all incoming 1st Years.
Current Role Play Date: 14 October, 2011. Day: Friday. Time: 9:00 AM. Weather: Mid 50's with a slight breeze from the east.
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    Kerry Malibey

    Mathilde Laventure
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    Kerry Malibey

    Post  Mathilde Laventure on Mon May 09, 2011 4:55 pm

    First Name: Kerry
    Last Name: Malibey
    Heritage: American
    Home Town: Sleepy Hollow, California, USA

    Coven: Cernunnos


    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Short, Red
    General Appearance: Normal build, slightly shorter than normal, wears glasses.
    Style of Dress: A general collection of jeans and geekishly-labeled tee shirts.

    General Character Traits

    Strengths: Intelligent; Inquisitive; Friendly
    Weaknesses: Loner; Has issues forming bonds with others; Deep into geek culture; Knows next to nothing about "real" magic
    Personality: Usually upbeat but prone to mood swings

    Personal History:
    Kerry is the son of Warren Malibey and Emily Castillano. An only child, Kerry was raised in the California Bay Area as both parents worked for Industrial Light and Magic; his father was a sound editor and his mother was a visual effects artist.

    In 2007 Warren had the opportunity to return to his native country of Wales, having been offered a position with BBC Wales, and Kerry became an expatriate. Kerry had difficulty making friends, which only caused him to dig deeper into his world of books and the Internet. This was all turned on his head when he discovered in the summer of 2011 that he was, as he stated, "magically inclined".

    Kerry is the classic precious tween who has trouble making friends, but once finding a friend is loyal for a very, very long time. Because of his parents involvement with "geek culture" in the form of movies and TV, he's well immersed in subjects that are likely to be far over the heads of those around him.

    Because he was living in Wales Kerry was initially accepted into Hogwarts. However, a week into classes a group of Death Eaters, disguised as staff, were discovered hiding in the school and at Hogsmeade,and it became necessary for The Ministry of Magic to send in aurors to clean out the infestation. As such, it was necessary to shut down Hogwarts for a few weeks, necessitating the reassignment of some students.

    Because of his nationally reassignment to the U.S. was a given. Along with an Instructor and his friend Annie (as well as a few other refugies), he was allowed to travel back in time two weeks (using a time turner), so as not to miss classes at the new school.

    Strong Area of Magic: Wait . . . I know nothing of magic, so how do I know my strong areas? I'll find out when I get there. But . . . I'm interested in Transfiguration and Potions.
    Weak Area of Magic: Herbs are good for "recreational use", but what else?

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