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    Writing Letters

    Evangelina Cromwell
    Evangelina Cromwell
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    Writing Letters Empty Writing Letters

    Post  Evangelina Cromwell on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:00 pm

    (OCC: I know I've been out of the loop for a LONG time, so in this post, I'll be describing things that I would have posted if things didn't suck so much IRL. It took me a while to write it out at work, so I hope it sounds ok to you guys.)

    It was barley 7 in the morning when Lina woke up, got ready for the day, and headed towards the dining hall. She had several things to do today, and the earlier that she got started, the better.

    The walk to the dining hall wasn't as bad as it could have been; sure the cold breeze made her shiver a bit, but it could have been a lot worse. It could be snowing.

    When she finally arrived, she got a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, then walked to the Morrigan table and sat down. She placed her backpack next to her, pulled out an unopened letter, a sheet of paper, and a pen, the placed the items neatly to the left side of her breakfast. As she took a few bits of her toast, she stared regrettably at the letter addressed to "Cromwell Natsuko" written in Japanese. Lina recognized that the letter had her mother's writing, but she also knew that it was serious since her mother used Lina's Japanese name (middle name on her birth certificate) and not her first name.

    She also knew that it was in response to the letter that she sent a few days after the breach. In her first letter, Lina started out with the basics: being placed in Morrigan, the friends that she'd made, and about her classes and professors. She then, very vaguely, wrote about the breach and what she did during the breach, which she thought (and hoped) wouldn't scare her parents into pulling her out of the school altogether. Her letter continued to go into great detail about dueling and the thrill and excitement she felt while dueling an older student (and winning). She ended the segment about how she wanted to join the dueling club and any tips her parents can give her, mentioning that she knew that they were both captains of their respective teams. Almost regrettably, Lina's curiosity got the best of her and she ended her original letter by asking her parent's directly how they got their nicknames and what kind of students were they.

    Lina took another bite and sighed, there's no use in delaying it. They'll most likely send another letter, or even a Howler if I don't respond. Nervously, she slowly opened the letter up and pulled out two sheets of paper, one in English, the other Japanese; one from each parent.

    Since her father took a more gentle approach to things, she decided to read his first.

    I'm glad to here that you weren't harmed during the event that happened at school; I only wished that you wrote to us as soon as it was over. Although I am slightly sadden that you weren't placed in Åsgårdsreia, I'm ecstatic to learn that you were placed in your mother's coven. The two of you are very similar in many ways.
    The letter then went on to say that her sisters, Constantia and Jacquelyn, wanted to know when she'll be back home, if she misses them, and what they've been doing since Lina went to school.

    Lina couldn't help but smile. She loved her little sisters to death, and missed them dearly, but she couldn't help but feel kind of sad that she missed out on Jaq losing her first tooth, and Tia placing first in the spelling bee. Then, of coarse, she couldn't help but feel upset that she didn't read this letter second; her mother can be very direct and can find ways to make her feel terrible for what she did, even though her mother never raised her voice to her, nor has she ever made any letters appear threatening in any way.

    It took Lina a few seconds to adjust her mentality to read the Japanese letter before her.

    I am very disappointed that you did not write home as soon as you could after the breach. I am also very disappointed that you only casually mentioned the breach, like it was something that happens normally happens at school. Did you think that we wouldn't care? Did you think that what we didn't want to know if you were safe or not? If it wasn't for your father and grandparents to convince me otherwise, I would pull you out of SWI and sent you to Casa Loma. Still, I'm glad to know that you are safe, and weren't injured during that event.

    I'm also glad to learn that you were placed in Morrigan and have an interest in dueling. My only advice to you is to NEVER think that you will lose, only win, no matter what.
    The rest of the letter was just filler about how her muggle friends want to know how she's doing, if she's getting any better in French and other mindless chatter.

    Lina was glad that she had finished her breakfast before reading her mother's letter, since it made her feel terrible for what she did. Pushing her plate away, her feeling of guilt ebbed within her. Something that she couldn't help but noticing was that her parents completely ignored her questions about their nicknames and what kind of students they were, but she figured that they were more worried about her safety then anything else.

    Picking up her pen, and sliding the paper towards her, Lina began her apology and response letter to her parents.

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