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The Salem Witches' Institute

Welcome to the Salem Witches' Institute, the premiere American school of magic located within the World of Harry Potter. An original role play for creative minds.

SWI is officially open. Registration is ongoing for all incoming 1st Years.
Current Role Play Date: 14 October, 2011. Day: Friday. Time: 9:00 AM. Weather: Mid 50's with a slight breeze from the east.
Orientation is set up in the Atrium. Please visit to participate.

    Potions: Class Description

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    Potions: Class Description Empty Potions: Class Description

    Post  Erywin Sladen on Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:02 pm

    Potions: Class Description Magical_Draughts_and_Potions


    Potions is a subject taught at The Salem Witches’ Institute. In this class, students learn how to brew potions, following specific recipes and using various magical ingredients to create their potions, starting with simple ones first and moving to more advanced ones as they progress in knowledge. A standard potions kit includes plant ingredients such as Belladonna and supplies such as glass phials and weighing scales.

    Potions is a required subject for students from first year through fifth year.

    A list of all potions taught at the Institute are found here.

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