The Salem Witches' Institute


When registering, please create a name for your character and input that as a username. Spaces are allowed. Relations to canon characters are not. If you are unsure, read this first:

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The Salem Witches' Institute

Welcome to the Salem Witches' Institute, the premiere American school of magic located within the World of Harry Potter. An original role play for creative minds.

SWI is officially open. Registration is ongoing for all incoming 1st Years.
Current Role Play Date: 14 October, 2011. Day: Friday. Time: 9:00 AM. Weather: Mid 50's with a slight breeze from the east.
Orientation is set up in the Atrium. Please visit to participate.

    After you have been approved...

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    After you have been approved...

    Post  Mathilde Laventure on Wed May 04, 2011 2:30 pm

    Once your registration form has been moved into this area, you have been accepted as a new student at SWI.


    Your next stop MUST BE to the Great Hall. All new students must roleplay their sorting in The Phoenix Flames thread. Each student will have a unique sorting experience.

    Things to keep in mind during your first roleplay:

    You will already be assigned into a coven, however, the sorting will make that official. You will not be placed into your coven until your sorting rp is complete.

    Interact with the flames. This is a real character--no god-modding is allowed by any student.

    The Flames will decide when you leave the thread. If your character jumps from The Flame before he or she is dismissed, The Flames WILL god-mod you back in.

    Make sure you read House Coven Descriptions before starting your sorting roleplay. You will be asked questions, so be prepared!

    Your acceptance into SWI is conditional based on how you do during your sort. If you perform poorly, by not giving your best effort, you WILL be reassigned into a different coven or rejected altogether.

    Once you have been assigned and sent on your way by the Phoenix Flames, check out the thread: How to Select Your Coven, and once your rp has been approved, you will be accepted and are free to begin roleplaying within SWI.

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