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The Salem Witches' Institute

Welcome to the Salem Witches' Institute, the premiere American school of magic located within the World of Harry Potter. An original role play for creative minds.

SWI is officially open. Registration is ongoing for all incoming 1st Years.
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    History of Magic

    Madeline Palmescoff
    Madeline Palmescoff

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    History of Magic - Page 2 Empty Re: History of Magic

    Post  Madeline Palmescoff on Wed May 25, 2011 1:45 pm

    Madeline watched her class file out. Overall, she had been very pleased with their hard work and effort put forth. If only Keith had pushed himself, she thought.

    She picked up her quill and made her notes:

    Harrison Venderman: Åsgårdsreia—Score: OUTSTANDING: 101 percent and 25 coven points
    Glenda Tamerlane: Åsgårdsreia—Score: ACCEPTABLE: 80 percent and 15 coven points

    Keith Domingo: Bloeddewedd—Score: TROLL: 50 percent and 0 coven points
    Paula McRand: Bloeddewedd—Score: EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS: 90 percent and 20 coven points

    Raven Whitefeather: Ceridwen—Score: EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS: 90 percent and 20 coven points
    Neil Mettawan: Ceridwen—Score: DREADFUL: 60 percent and 5 coven points

    Evangelina Cromwell: Mórrígan—Score: OUTSTANDING: 101 percent and 25 coven points
    Emmalene Neilson: Mórrígan2—Score: PASSING: 70 percent and 10 coven points

    Kerry Malibey: Cernunnos—Score: OUTSTANDING: 101 percent and 25 coven points
    Annie Krum: Cernunnos—Score: EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS: 90 percent and 20 coven points

    (OOC: Extra NPC's were created to even out the covens. All NPC's were given their score based on a random dice roll. All PC's were given scores based on work presented in this thread. Thanks to all that gave 200%--and for those that didn't, there's always next time!)

    Madeline closed her books and headed out for her office in the Bloeddewedd coven tower.
    Keith Domingo
    Keith Domingo
    1st Year Student
    1st Year Student

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    History of Magic - Page 2 Empty Re: History of Magic

    Post  Keith Domingo on Wed May 25, 2011 2:33 pm

    Time had noticeably slipped by for Keith as he had racked his brain deciding first which question to choose and how to answer it. When he finally chose one, the fingers of his free hand rubbed his temple as he found another problem.

    Light magic is known as all of the following except, he thought as he looked at the board. Harmless magic. He didn't want to write anything down in case he could not answer. Minutes had gone by. Everyone had at least half a page written down already. He was afraid. Keith repeated the question in his mind, struggling for words that would never come.

    Hopelessness had set in as he found himself the only person in the room with a blank page when the professor called him up first. As the case with the assignment, he found that he had nothing to say. He had wanted to justify himself, but he was too afraid to speak. Keith had wanted to cry as well when his detention was announced, but the sight of Lina in the corner of his eye as he moved back to his desk stopped him. Not here, he told himself as shut his eyes as tightly as he could.

    Not making eye contact with anyone as they shuffled out of the classroom, the boy silently wrote his name down for detention.

    Everyone was heading for the tunnels and the covered walkway leading to the Great Hall. Keith deliberately went in the direction no one went. Covering his bag with his jacket, he walked out into the rain.

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